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table tent menu holders

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Wood Table Tents
Rustic Table Tent
Rustic Studded Table Tent
Contemporary Table Tent
Timeless Table Tent
Classic Table Tent
Picture Frame Table Tent 1
Picture Frame Table Tent 2
Custom Wooden Table Tents

Insert Cards - 4" x 6"
Vinyl Pockets - 4" x 6"


About Maverick Menus

At Maverick Menus, Inc. we enjoy making life easy for people.

In today's busy world folks often overlook or do not have time to take care of the little things, but we do. We are a full service table tent manufacturing company that takes care of the little things for you.

Our mission is to provide practical products at reasonable prices. We believe your restaurant should have its own individual flair utilizing our premiere line of handcrafted wood table tent products.

Maverick Menus, Inc. is consistently manufacturing distinctive woo table tents, customizing them with eye-catching logos to create unique tabletop promotional materials for restaurants of every caliber. We look forward to and welcome the opportunity to assist you in developing your restaurant's identity.



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