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Timeless Wooden Flip Top Table Tents - MM-01-46-C-AMERICANA
Timeless Wooden Flip Top Table Tents - MM-01-46-C-AMERICANA

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Everyday is a Profitable Day on your tables when using our . . .  

Timeless Wooden Flip Top Table Tents
MM-11-46-B-RED OAK Colored

Our Timeless Wooden Flip Top Table Tents, make it tempting from the start for your guests, because they can easily flip through your cards to read all your information. Rugged durability meets classic charm in this Timeless Wooden Flip Top Table Tent design. Crafted in wood and built to last, this flip top table tent make any menu a feast for the eyes. This timeless table tent incorporates our EasyLoad® Vinyl Pockets for added versatility and freedom so you can quickly and easily change your 4"x6" insert cards when showcasing your new menus, drink specials, daily specialty items, events, and even gift certificates, or just create your own custom cards. This table tent can accommodate 4-1/2" x 7" insert card.

Our simple drop ring design makes updating and adding new items very simple. Just string our Easy-Load® Vinyl Pockets onto the included metal rings by sliding the rings through the holes at the top of each Easy-Load® Vinyl Pocket, then snap the rings shut around the crossbar of the table tent, and you will never have to unsnap the rings again to change your insert cards. Our Easy-Load® Vinyl Pockets design makes it possible to change your back to back insert cards without ever unsnapping the metal rings.

We proudly boast making this style timeless wooden flip top table tent design "FAMOUS" 15 years ago when we debuted it on February 25-27, 2001 at The New York Restaurant & Food Service Show in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Every Timeless Wooden Flip Top Table Tent comes standard with (2) metal rings, and is the ideal tool to start Increasing-Your-Check-Totals daily all from this ideal compact tabletop solution found only at


​• Made in the USA
​• Holds 4"x6" insert cards
​• Includes (2) metal rings
• Solid wood construction
​• Built-to-Last
​• Manufactured by MaverickMenus


​• Height:  9"
​• Width:   3.5"
​• Length:  6"

*** Manufactured in The United States of America ***


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Usually within 1 - 2 days of receipt of order when stock permits.
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